Interview about session with Mistress PS. Chapter 6. Weekend is over...

Thank-you notes

“Let’s finally move to the farewell.”

It was without sadness, tears, if I may joke, since we knew we would meet soon. We hugged for quite some time, then kissed on cheeks, and then kissed again on closed mouths. The whole session was a gift, of course – the kiss just added the intimacy or rather brought the intimacy to a new level. Mistress is so remarkable. Farewell to be remembered, a weekend to be remembered for the rest of my life.

“And how about a withdrawal effect?”

Yes, it was and still is a struggle. Mistress literally gets under your skin. And you cannot help it. You can just embrace it. Need to embrace it, in fact. Surrender to the feeling. So I was daydreaming while at work.

“And how did you daydream?”

I was reenacting our session, and also our time together during Saturday afternoon. Sometimes adding some scenes we were not able, for time reasons, to enact. Or to build upon the scenes we have done. If I could, I would immediately meet with Mistress.

“Very nice. Now read the thank-you note you have written to Mistress.”

Dear Mistress, I already miss You, and it cannot be any other way as you are still present in the apartment, maybe in some other realms than the material ones. Thanks again for letting me into our intimate world, it is truly an honor. You have touched me profoundly and will take me a while to appropriately process and express the impact You have on me. Unfortunately, You have forgotten your flower, which has now become the memory of You. Tonight, cannot stay in the apartment (would miss You way too much) despite the fact that I am so tired: will go to watch Nutcracker. Wish You a safe trip and will send You photos and everything soon. Kisses and love, r

“More notes you have written to Mistress?”

Yes. Wrote Her that I was thinking about Her all the time during the performance and then prepared the story, our story to be published on her Telegram channel.


“What story? Elaborate.”

I prepared 12 photographs and 1 video from our session and wrote captions for them. First as if Mistress would be writing them, but then based on her feedback, changed them to my perspective.

“Perspective of a slave?”


“Sounds intriguing.”

The story was told that Mistress surprised me with chastity, dog training device, and anal plug. As I did not consent of wearing anal plug through the night, She flogged me. Then She tied me up for the strap*n play, took me, and the final photo was of erection in the cage, and caption describing how Mistress would put me in the remotely controlled chastity.

“So pretty much what has really happened.”

Yes. Just put different scenes together with some exaggeration here and there for the sake of a story.

“This exercise also gave you some opportunity to process the session. Before our interview, of course.”

Yes. And I am grateful for you interviewing me.

“Of course, you are. You always say right things. You just need to learn to also implement them.”