Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Let's talk about respect. Your respect for My time.

I love traveling, visiting different places, visiting sights, meeting acquaintances and friends. When I come to another city, I already have a lot of plans and ideas for fun. What does it mean? First, I like to plan my time in advance. Secondly, I will not move my plans, even if you very strongly ask me to meet.

How not to get into an awkward situation and not be left without a "sweet"? Take responsibility for the deposit. This is not just a preliminary agreement - it is a confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions. As a deposit, there can be a full prepayment of the studio rental, or prepayment to my card if we meet at the hotel.

Take care of your pleasure and mine in advance, so that you are guaranteed to receive it and, more importantly, to serve it.

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