Encounters and recollections: interview with a submissive by Unknown Mistress

Interesting reading and as they are saying, perception is everything.

Maybe not absolutely everything described is as has really happened.

Nevertheless, enjoy it.

I have.

- Mistress Patricia Stark

First sight of Mistress Patricia

“Hope you understand that this interview was ordered by Mistress Patricia. Accordingly, I expect truthful answers, to the point, with all the necessary details. Have I been clear?”


“Sure what?”

Sorry, you have been clear.

“Would appreciate if you are respectful at all times. Understood?”

Yes, I understand.

“When did you meet Mistress for the very first time?”

On May 28, 2021. At 5:21 pm.


Right in the center of Kyiv, virtually next to our beloved Maidan.

“What was your impression?”

Mistress was simply stunning – nothing short of expectations – stunning with her voluptuous figure and piercing green eyes. She was wearing a lovely and quite short blue dress, no stockings, blue sandals with heels, pretty high heels, I would think around 3 inches. 

“So she appeared very tall?”

Yes. I am tall myself, but yes, She was tall, with long legs. Well, there was a bit of an awkward moment as the apartment, where I stayed had a kind of a security, with shabby locked gates, run by babushkas. So her appearance was maybe slightly too stunning for this surrounding and I started to worry for a moment.

“Worry about what?”

That it was obvious we are meeting professionally.

“Nothing wrong with that.”

True. Still, I need to admit I was slightly worried. However, Mistress calmed me down by saying that babushkas would think this way even if She appeared in sneakers and sweat suit. Mistress had this huge and heavy suitcase, which I had to carry to the 3rd floor as there was no lift.

“Oh, poor you. Carrying suitcase for Mistress. Must be so hard.”

Sorry, I don’t know why I mentioned this minutiae. When we entered the apartment, She immediately ordered me to kiss her feet. This was unexpected, caught me by surprise.


I thought we would sit down and talk about my preferences, what She would do to me, about my limits, maybe safe-word.

“But you have probably discussed all these before the session?”

Yes, we did. In detail.

“So, you think Mistress is, like, mentally inept to apprehend your inner world from your messages?”

No, no, She is very smart. I have never had any doubts about that. And have also approached Her in that manner.

Prelude to the session

“Ok, if you say so. When did you ask Her for the session?”

I came across her profile during the night of May 10th. I could not sleep and googled for Dominatrices in the Kiev area. And so found Mistress, immediately felt drawn to Her.

“Like a moth to the light?”

Yes. It was irresistible attraction right from the start. Next day, I wrote Her a long message, describing myself, my history, or lack of history, as I am really a novice, my preferences. I really opened up to Her.

“And what was a reaction of Mistress?”

Reserved at first. I think She was just testing me. Very short answers or questions.


Sure, but in a laconic manner. We did have a little misunderstanding in the beginning: I first wanted to come on May 19th, but then had a meeting on that very day and there was no way to make it to the airport on time. So had to postpone it for a week.

“Mistress was probably not amused by that?”

Yes, I could feel it. And decided to write Her openly that it was my mistake, I apologized for it, and then sent Her all the details about my trip a week later, flights, apartment location with photos, in one word, full disclosure, wanted to show Her sincerely I had nothing to hide from Her and that I was not maneuvering Her in any way.

“How did She react?”

Very positively, although She already had plans for late-May sessions in Kharkov. And then mentioned She might be able to postpone them to early July. And that She would come back to me on May 24th. But then I saw on her Telegram channel that She was no longer available on WhatsApp. So I quickly set up the Telegram account and wrote Her the message.

“So you really wanted to meet Her?”


“That was sweet. What else did you write to her?”

That I would like to get thoroughly dominated, to be introduced by Mistress to the BDSM world. And that I would like to meet for the weekend session.

“Wow, a novice requesting a weekend session. Someone was ambitious.”

Yes. I was a bit worried whether it would be too overwhelming; honestly, I was a bit shaking when Mistress confirmed. And She wrote back: “This is the magic feeling: like kids waiting for a birthday party.”

“Mistress Patricia is so great. You are so lucky She accepted you.”

I am aware of that and I thanked Her with exactly those words, thanked Her for accepting me. Next,

Mistress sent me the list of her practices and demanded I chose the practices I would like.

“How generous and considerate of Her. I hope you had responded respectfully?”

Yes. I wrote Mistress that I would see Her role in our session as that of a physician. Like a physician,

Mistress is an ideal agent of Her partner,me whom She is “treating” the same way as I would treat myself if I had her experience and knowledge in BDSM.

“You like to philosophize, don’t you? But I like it.”

Ideal agent is really a term from health economics. And by being an ideal agent, Mistress can protect her partner even from those dreams, which may be harmful to health. BDSM can be rather dangerous if not done properly.

“Maybe among amateurs. Professional Dominatrices know very well what they are doing. How did you set-up the limits, safe words with Mistress?”

Of course, I have commented on the list of her practices. And then added, regarding the scope, that I wish our session to be my introduction to BDSM in the way Mistress would see it fit. I just kindly asked Her to protect my health at all times, so for example, no permanent marks. I really thought the session should be like this, with Mistress determining the content, the length of scenes, everything. With Mistress being perfectly equipped to decide what I need and can take.

“Without safe words?”

I think so. Without safe words. Or almost without. Only if there is an emergency, like back pain or inability to breathe; then the safe word should be used. The Mistress observes and based on her experience, decides how the session is handled. Only then the session can become a thorough domination.

“Hmm, that was really courageous act with Mistress. And particularly for novice”

I agree.

“Of course, you agree. I did not say it that you would disagree. You need to watch your language. Do you understand?”

I meant no disrespect. I apologize.

“Good. Go on. Pretty courageous act then?”

I also wrote to Mistress that our session would be like blurring the line between the play and becoming for real and then got scared of this idea and in the second part of the sentence admitted that it might be all too wild for the first session.

“Yeah, rather typical for a novice. Like a pendulum swinging from fantasies to fears and back. You are so lucky to have Mistress Patricia. I would be much more unfortunate choice for you.”

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