Encounters and recollections: interview with a submissive by Unknown Mistress

Interesting reading and as they are saying, perception is everything.

Maybe not absolutely everything described is as has really happened.

Nevertheless, enjoy it.

I have.

- Mistress Patricia Stark

First sight of Mistress Patricia

“Hope you understand that this interview was ordered by Mistress Patricia. Accordingly, I expect truthful answers, to the point, with all the necessary details. Have I been clear?”


“Sure what?”

Sorry, you have been clear.

“Would appreciate if you are respectful at all times. Understood?”

Yes, I understand.

“When did you meet Mistress for the very first time?”

On May 28, 2021. At 5:21 pm.


Right in the center of Kyiv, virtually next to our beloved Maidan.

“What was your impression?”

Mistress was simply stunning – nothing short of expectations – stunning with her voluptuous figure and piercing green eyes. She was wearing a lovely and quite short blue dress, no stockings, blue sandals with heels, pretty high heels, I would think around 3 inches. 

“So she appeared very tall?”

Yes. I am tall myself, but yes, She was tall, with long legs. Well, there was a bit of an awkward moment as the apartment, where I stayed had a kind of a security, with shabby locked gates, run by babushkas. So her appearance was maybe slightly too stunning for this surrounding and I started to worry for a moment.

“Worry about what?”

That it was obvious we are meeting professionally.

“Nothing wrong with that.”

True. Still, I need to admit I was slightly worried. However, Mistress calmed me down by saying that babushkas would think this way even if She appeared in sneakers and sweat suit. Mistress had this huge and heavy suitcase, which I had to carry to the 3rd floor as there was no lift.

“Oh, poor you. Carrying suitcase for Mistress. Must be so hard.”

Sorry, I don’t know why I mentioned this minutiae. When we entered the apartment, She immediately ordered me to kiss her feet. This was unexpected, caught me by surprise.


I thought we would sit down and talk about my preferences, what She would do to me, about my limits, maybe safe-word.

“But you have probably discussed all these before the session?”

Yes, we did. In detail.

“So, you think Mistress is, like, mentally inept to apprehend your inner world from your messages?”

No, no, She is very smart. I have never had any doubts about that. And have also approached Her in that manner.