Interview about session with Mistress PS Chapter 3

Slave tells about practices at the session.


“You mentioned mummification. Some slaves can get really scared.”

Not me, I felt completely safe at Mistress’ hands. This is one aspect that I would like to emphasize: I felt safe at all times. I even prepared to hold my breath when the wrapper came to my mouth, but Mistress immediately tore it to make a large breathing hole for my mouth and even chin. Later, She told me that this was her standard procedure for first timers.

“Wow. What a Lady. Just treasure her.”

Yes, I know. It was a great feeling as She was smoothing the wrapper around my body, head. Then came the crocodile clamps, as I have mentioned, and then smothering. It was the first time I got connected with Mistress’ intimate parts. I licked, kissed, held my breath, then licked, kissed some more, feelings were just rushing through me as I relished in getting intimately connected to Mistress. Then realistic dildo gag was inserted into my mouth and I felt how She rode it to a quite quick pleasure. It was a phenomenal scene. It would be so great if we would recorded it one day.

“Dream on.”

Another thing I should not forget. She tore the plastics around my body after relatively short time out of concern for my breathing. She even asked me whether I felt dizzy, She was so considerate. A true ideal agent, in one word: a physician.

“No doubt about that.”


“Move on. Your next choice.”

Flogging. Mistress flogged me on Day 2 in the morning after inserting the anal plug. It was the first time I had been flogged in my life and I would think it was really a sensual flogging: She prepared my skin, warmed it up, so when harder blows came, it was far from being unbearable. And She even left some

nice marks on my behind. I have been always scared of my desire of getting whipped, but Mistress gave me now confidence to explore it further.

“You are aware that flogging, whipping, caning, can be extremely painful?”

Yes, absolutely. And I know Mistress will whip me harder, likely much harder in the future. But I will always have this first-time experience, this beautiful haven I can return to even when pain will be close to unbearable.

“You are right on that one. And you would really like to be whipped hard?”

Yes. I dream She would put clothespins on my behind and upper thighs and then whip the clothespins off with the single-tail whip.

“You realize this is extremely painful?”

Yes, Mistress told me She has very accurate aim and that She can hit exactly the spot She intends to. And She confirmed that such whipping would be quite painful.

“Have you agreed with her that She would try it next time you meet?”

No, we discussed it only in passing. But my dream is even wilder. After whipping off clothespins from my behind, She would turn me around and place clothespins on my chest and on my lower belly and upper thighs.

“And not on your genitals?”

In my dream I would be wearing a cage. So I would be protected. To an extent.

“Hmmm, you have very adventurous mind and imagination.”