Interview. Chapter 2.

Start of the session. Preparation of the Mistress. Locking slave in chastity. Training colar.

Coffee and lunch

“So let’s get back to May 28th.”

First, I made a coffee for Нer, a really lousy coffee as I am not a coffee-drinker myself. But She was forgiving. Earlier in the afternoon, I also bought the lunch, a soup and a warm sandwich, and both I warmed up for Her. Mistress complimented my suit, while at the same time not allowing me to take off the jacket even if it was pretty warm in the apartment. I had to kneel next to Her, and while She was eating, I was commanded to take off her shoes and massage her feet.

“Great – domination, albeit a soft one, right from the start. Did you kiss her feet?”


“Good. Feet are the path to every Mistress’ heart, never forget that.”

Start of the session

“And then?”

When Mistress had finished the lunch, She told me to undress in my room and take a shower. Then She called me to the living room where I had to kneel in front of Her while She was sitting on the sofa.

She made me look at her, at her beautiful, glittering, captivating eyes, and She stated in a sentence that I would be locked in the chastity for the entire weekend. Giving me no additional explanation.

“Nice idea. What was your reaction?”

My heart started beating faster, with humming in my ears, and when She pulled the chastity ring over my testicles and penis, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Next surprise came when She told me I would be wearing around my neck the training device for dogs. That there is only one problem that device appears not to be working. So I helped Her to fix it.

“This is utterly lovely. Slave helping Mistress setting up his punishment device. You two had a lovely start.”

Yes, within few minutes, I had been already pushed into submission.

“Mistress Patricia is extremely efficient; She is well known for that. Not leaving her slaves much room. I wish I had been more like her. Go on.”

Next, Mistress ordered me to prepare the bath, to clean it, to set up the candles as the bathroom had no daylight.

“This must have been such a delight seeing Mistress naked for the first time.”

Absolutely. Delight and also great honor. In fact, Mistress flashed her shrine at me when she was eating lunch as she came in a mini blue dress without panties.

“Wow, what a great Mistress you have. You should never let Her go.”

Washing Her, being able to touch, to stroke her beautiful body, feelings were just rushing over me. Of course, there was this desire to kiss her body, too, but kissing and washing are really not that congruent.

“It is a typical reaction of a novice slave to have this tendency for oral touch with Mistress. You will need to learn to suppress this urge and to follow her needs. Remember, always Mistress’ needs. Not your needs. Always. Mistress’. Needs. Three things to remember. I bet Mistress Patricia will properly train you.”

After bath, I dried Her with a towel, was trying to be very gentle and very thorough. I followed Her to her bedroom where I put the cream over her feet then legs, then bottom, then back while massaging all those sacred body parts at the same time. It was so enchanting. Mistress then turned around, and I applied the cream to her front part. I was especially careful not to touch her breasts or her intimate parts in a vulgar, disrespectful manner. Or better put, in a manner that would be even perceived as vulgar, disrespectful.

“Nice. Respect for your Mistress will carry you a long way.”

Then I kissed her feet, ankles, legs, back side of her knees and when I started licking her toes, I felt the electric shock.

“So she did not like licking?”

Yes, it was obvious.

“So you were quickly trained?”