Interview. Chapter 4. Games from behind.

Strap-on and more strap-on

“So why don’t we move on with your next choice.”

It is a strap-on play. In the morning of Day 2, we started the anal session. Mistress was very careful and caring in preparing my behind. Next She surprised me by tying me up in a shibari bondage, making me accessible, so She could take me for as long as She would desire. Once She entered me, the feeling of surrender was complete. Again, out of concern for my health She untied me after 10 minutes or so and proceeded to take me doggy style. Pretty roughly.

“Mmmm, so great to even listen to it, I wish I had been there. I would have taken you, too. With permission of Mistress Patricia, of course. Do you like to be taken forcefully by Mistress Patricia?”

Yes. I like to feel her physical strength. After Mistress finished taking me, She prepared me for the plug and once the plug had been inserted She flogged me. Quite hard.

“Great. What a great morning session you had. I hope you do realize it.”

Yes. After the session we went for a long walk to Mariinsky Palace and then by Dynamo stadium, Druzhby Narodov Arch, Volodymyr the Great Statue, Alley of artists to Andriyivsky uzviz and Podil and back.

“Quite a walk.”

Made Mistress a bit tired with such a long walk, so I felt bad that I had exhausted Her. But She took a cat nap and all was hunky dory.

“And you guys continued after.”

Yes, Mistress had this great idea to take me with the strap-on on the balcony of the apartment; the balcony was closed, and if it were not, it would be too cold. She took me with a vigor, and I already started getting a feeling of about to having an anal orgasm when She stopped. I was touching her muscular thighs, knees, I liked the touch of her skin while She was taking me, liked to feel her power. I

completely melted. I can still recall feelings during that taking.

“So you were taken twice in one day?”

Yes. Well, in the morning She really took me twice, first in shibari bondage and then in the doggy style.

“Hmmm, even better.”

There was one additional dimension: during the afternoon, I really started feeling close to her. So, it was quite a big shock during our evening session, when She was much more dominant than during day and in the morning.

“Well, She is Mistress, what did you think? That She would be like your friend.”

No, of course, not. It was still a shock.

Intermezzo: Prosecco challenge

“Of course, it was. You are a novice, so you are getting overwhelmed. The best is to trust Mistress and do what She tells you to do. What else did you do in the evening?”

Then Mistress again plugged me. And gave me a challenge: to bring Prosecco within 15 minutes or I will be severely punished. As I was plugged, it was rather difficult to walk fast, let alone ran.

“And did you make it?”

Yes. In 14:36:66. 23 seconds short of the target. Very proud of that.

“Superb. So no punishment then?”

No, I received a kiss on lips, closed, of course, from my Mistress. Unforgettable.

“She is so fair – and She knows how to reward her slaves. What do you think the punishment would have been?”

Tough to say, probably hanger for nipples with the weight on it, or flogging, maybe using a single tail whip.

“And which would you have chosen if Mistress had given you a choice?”

Probably flogging, whipping, nipples were already so hurting. I don’t think I could stand the hanger, not to mention hanger with the weight on it.

“I would have probably given you kiss as well, but then punish you nevertheless. Just so you could learn and see for the next time. Unlike Mistress Patricia, I like to be unfair. Sometimes. How do you think I would have punished you?”

Difficult to say as I do not know you.

“Well, you can always try.”

Probably you would have whipped me. Hard. Probably very hard.


I don’t know. Took me.


I really don’t know.


Don’t know. Sorry.

“It’s obvious. I would have used hanger as well. As I would have wanted to use the device you fear the most. And, yes, I would have added the weight. After your punishment, I would have made you thank me. It would have been so completely unfair.”

Anal plug

“Has Mistress retained the anal plug in you over night?”

No. She wanted to, but I interfered and kindly asked Her not to. I still feel bad about it. I should have not said anything, just accepted it.

“Exactly what I have said. You should have been punished whether you had brought prosecco on time or not and then you wouldn’t dare to give your own opinion.”

I should have not interfered as after I had gone to bed, I came to a conclusion I should have been plugged. And so I knocked on Mistress’ bedroom door and you can imagine She was not very happy about being disturbed.

“I can imagine. Has She slapped you, or anyhow punished you?”

No, we went to the kitchen and had a late night snack. And talked about me wanting to have attention from Mistress and whether this was right. And more than attention, it was this need to be close to Her, next to Her. Which may not be appropriate.

“I told you already that you would need to learn to hold back. Mistress is at the center, not you. And her needs. Always her needs. You are secondary, maybe tertiary, or completely unimportant. Can you get that in your head?”


“Really or you are just saying so as you don’t dare to disagree with me?”


“No what?”

No, I am not just saying so.

“It is ok. Continue.”

We continued with much anal play on Day 3, but I think I was getting overstimulated. It was so pleasant, yet not getting to the heights of Day 2. It was 3 days of continuously realizing my dreams, and I am so thankful to Mistress for that. We have even run out of condoms, and Mistress was joking that if someone inspected our garbage would think there was a 3-day orgy going on. The remark sounded so innocent and cute that I fell in love with Mistress at least a bit.

Dog’s mask and dog training device

“Be careful about falling in love with Her. I don’t think She really needs your love. You are her slave and She is Mistress. Ok, after so much action, was there more?”


“Oh, my, oh, my.”

Mistress brought beautiful dog’s mask, which we have put on in the evening of Day 2 and took few photos. Mistress realized that mask has some limitations as it does not allow slave to orally serve the Mistress. It is a great mask with smell of a leather filling one’s nostrils. I enjoyed wearing it very much.

“The mask could be a good training device in suppressing your compulsion to bring your lips close to Mistress’ body. I will definitely make a note and discuss my observations with Mistress Patricia.”

Then there was a dog training device. This has proven so effective. It was ironic I helped Mistress to make it work and then she tested it for the first time on me. But it did work miracles: with even a single shock, I became immediately pliable. She was otherwise very considerate: sShe tried only levels 1 and

2 out of five, and did not use the device on chastity cage. When I was thinking about it, I felt again bad, whether I have contributed to Her holding back and not fully testing the device on me.

“Exactly the same story all over. You have a tendency to top from the bottom. You have a limited point of view and as you have said earlier, Mistress sees a larger picture. You must submit and surrender.

And be less talkative – you are like a chatterbox, like a magpie. Another observation I will share with Mistress Patricia.”

Fellating Mistress’ strap-on

“Not to forget, have you fellated Mistress strap-on?”

Yes. Twice. It was the first time for me.


Dildo was not excessively long so I would gag on it only on occasion. I liked it when She pressed my head hard on it and made me take it deep. I liked the physical dominance of Mistress. Very much.

“Next time She may be harsher with you.”

I have a dream She would use her strap-on that can ejaculate. It is really large, so it would be probably appropriate only for fellatio.