Interview about session with Mistress PS. Chapter 5

Chastity cage,Mistress’ pleasures, Water sports - not so bad for the beginner !

Chastity cage

“How did you feel about chastity cage?”

It was a beautiful feeling of not being able to touch my penis. And while I usually sit down at home while I pee, this became totally different ball game, as I had to wash the cage each time. Being taken while in the chastity cage is also totally out of this world.

“Did you have problems with erection?”

At first not. I was overwhelmed with all the stimuli and anal play also shrank penis to miniscule size. After 2 nights, I started getting spurts of erection. Mistress pretended not to notice it and I did not dare to ask for a release.

“This was a smart idea as you would have been denied anyhow.”

I thought so. During our lunch at the rib-house in Podil I went to pee and realized there and then that chastity was for real. Publicly peeing with chastity adds another dimension.

“Was there someone else in the restroom?”

No, but feeling was remarkable, so humbling, pushing you into the subspace.

“Have you shared your feelings with Mistress?”

Yes. I was very open with Her, maybe even too much so.

“You can never be too open with Mistress. Remember that. And what was Her response?”

She smiled and told me that during our next session She would make me wear remotely controlled chastity device. And then this will be for real. I went on an internet and found out that this new chastity device still has some issues with being unreliable and being made for men with extremely small testicles.

“So maybe you would need to wait for the next upgrade then? Mistress can still make you wear chastity cage all the time.”

I was telling Her exactly this as a joke when She was releasing me from the cage. Maybe I should not have joked as I could have truly gotten in an embarrassing situation at the airports.

“You are right. You should have not been additionally stimulating Mistress’ imagination. Topping from the bottom has its obvious pitfalls. As the saying goes, beware what you wish for as it may come true.”

Mistress’ pleasures

“You have probably kept track of Mistress’ orgasms?”

Yes, absolutely, Her pleasures are what the sessions should be all about. There were four pleasures in total. One on Day 1, two on Day 2, and one on Day 3.

“Explain in detail.”

The first pleasure was from ***************************************************************************************************************************I asked Her how strong her a pleasure was and She said 6 out of 10 as She had been quite from the train ride.

“You were almost obnoxious by asking such impertinent questions. I would have punished you for this, on the spot.”

Later, Mistress did not want to reveal her pleasure levels.

“Of course not.”

Mistress ********** pleasure on Day 2, while I was li***********************************Mistress’ third pleasure, was my work and for me it was such a delight. I truly found solace in Mistress’ shrine. **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** and when the pleasure came, I felt such a fulfillment and accomplishment.

“How did She taste?”


“This is obvious. What happened after Her pleasure?”

It took Mistress some time to regain her strength. At the meantime, I was gently *****************************************************8

“And the fourth pleasure?”

It was in the late morning of Day 3: I was at first given the privilege to ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************* which was truly music to my ears.

“And your pleasure?”

None. She allowed me to ejaculate only 4 days after our session.

“Right choice from her side. You were lucky that She unlocked you at all. Next time She may not.”

Water sports

“Probably, we have run out of the activities by now.”

No, not really. During the first night, She told me to go to the bathtub, so She would pee over my body. Next, She told me to clean Her. Actually, first She asked me whether I would feel good about cleaning Her.

“Mistress Patricia is a total class. So considerate, yet so dominant. Hope you agreed with Her request?”

Yes, absolutely. Cleaned Her with the delight.

There was one feeling I would like to share with you if I may.

“Of course, you may.”

In the morning on Day 3, I was just finishing my shower, and Mistress had to pee. She was in her night gown, and after She stood up, I saw her nectar in the toilet. And I suddenly had this drive to drink from Her.

“In the same way as She did it on the first night?”

No. To really drink nectar from Her. That I would be lying on my back in the living room, and She would sit on top of me and then command to open my mouth, while proceeding to fill my mouth with nectar and then commanding again to swallow it. And to repeat it until She would have no urge to pee any longer.

“So that She would mark you?”

Yes, I wanted to use exactly those words. To be marked by Mistress. At the end I would clean Her and if She would like it, to give Her a pleasure.

“What if She would want to repeat it several times during the day?”

Would be getting more challenging. But I would have to accept it, I guess.

“You see how dangerous it is to incite Mistress’ imagination.”

Yes. But Mistress would always protect from my dreams if they were too wild.


“Well, if you say so. Let’s move to the farewell.”

No, not yet. Please.


I would like to describe our breakfast, which was prepared by Mistress. I had to sit next to Her on the floor, and She fed me like She would have fed her pet, her dog. Giving me big bites, which I had to swallow quickly as the next bite was coming rather quickly. The whole feeding was done in such a matter-of-fact manner, with such a routine, that is still ringing in my psyche.

“Of course, it is. As you are her pet. Maybe not yet completely, but you will become. Soon. Very soon.”

Mistress’ list of activities

“Uff, I have completely forgotten to discuss Mistress’ list of activities. Which were the activities that you were not so keen on?”

I apologized to Mistress if I had come across as opinionated after I sent Her my comments. And wrote that I should have always put Mistress’ needs ahead of mine.

“So, you knew this all along. And why are you not making it happen?”

I try.

“It will probably not be enough. Particularly, with Mistress Patricia. She seems as friendly and easy going, but She is very serious when it comes to training her slaves. So, yes, you will have to try, but then you will have to succeed. You really need to understand this. Ok?”

Thank you for advice.

“You are welcome. So, let’s go back to the list.”

The first activity, which I asked not to implement was caning. I wrote that I read it was very painful and as it was almost Summer, I was worried that marks would linger.

“You are right. It is painful and marks may stay for a while. I would have probably caned you anyways. Just to give the sensual whipping the edgier touch. Do not worry, Mistress Patricia will cane you. And you will cry after it. Next item.”

I put wax and ice play, then CBT, human furniture, human ashtray, spit.

“Why spit?”

I don’t find it so appealing, although I also wrote that Mistress could over-rule me.

“Spit is no different than nectar. Mistress is simply putting her mark on you. Move on.”

Edge & Denial was next. I am literally mortified if I would get pleasure in an uncontrolled manner due to session being so exciting. I strongly believe the magic would be immediately gone and it would take me quite some time to electrify myself again. So, putting me in the cage for entire weekend was a great idea.

“I understand you on this one. For you, it is like dream come true and you can just flow from mental imagery, like you would when having wet dreams. You have hit the second puberty with Mistress. Do the next one.”

Sounding. I am mesmerized by it, but I am a bit afraid by infections. Would like to try it, though. Then I put sissification – which is not really my cup of tea, but would accept it if Mistress would wish so.

“That was considerate and prudent. Probably She did not press during your first session?”

No, She did not.

“But She may, later on. You are aware of it.”


“Good. Finished with the list?”

No, not yet. Regarding double Domme sessions, I asked that I would like to be intimate only with Mistress, then asked please no FinDomme, medical play, public play, and cuckolding. And She granted her permission not to include those activities.

“Pretty standard for the novice. And I guess it makes sense that She gave you some slack. I would have, too. Although I would like to double-domme you with Mistress Patricia. I am getting really tempted.”